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    Fastener maintenance should pay attention to six points

    As an important component of mechanical fasteners, must be regular maintenance, such ability are fasteners play better performance, and is the machinery for normal operation. In order to prevent the fastener has some problems, when carrying out the daily maintenance of fasteners, must pay attention to the following points.
    A, rinse pollution
    Fasteners in quenching after cleaning agent for Portland, then rinse, so in the rinsing them very carefully, to prevent the emergence of residues.
    Two, fastener piling unreasonable
    Tempering after fasteners will appear signs of discoloration, followed by ether soak may have residual oil, the fastener surface is not clean. The analysis said fastener heating piling unreasonable, lead fastener slight oxidation in the quench oil.
    Three, surface residues
    A white residue of high strength bolts, analysis instruments, confirmed the phosphide. This reaction is because there were no acid cleaning machine, and the check is not thorough rinsing tank.
    Four, alkali burn
    The outer surface of the high strength bolt oil quenching heat black with uniform, smooth. After testing for alkali burn induced. So in the iron and steel fasteners in the quenching oil can not remove the surface alkaline substances, so that the surface burn at high temperatures, and aggravate the injury in the tempering. Recommendations in the heat treatment before a thorough cleaning and rinsing fasteners, complete removal of lead to basic residues fastener burn.
    Five, the improper rinsing
    For large size fasteners tend to use the polymer water solution quenching, alkaline cleaning machine and rinsed before quenching, quenching fasteners has in the inner rust. So want to change the rinse water regularly, ensure the fastener in the rinsing will not rust.
    Six, excessive rust
    High strength fasteners often see some black stripes, the black stripes for pollutants in surface residue, as the quenching oil dried up, is the evolution of gaseous compounds during the quenching process. Because oil quenching excessive aging, so that adding new oil.