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    The six stainless steel angle screw

    Six stainless steel angle screw stainless steel standard parts in a kind of the most frequently used, the main function of its own external thread is matched with a nut. With this threaded connection method, so that the two parts together.
    Material: stainless steel containing SUS304/SUS316 current production or sale of six stainless steel screws and the standard angle:
    Six hexagon head thread stainless steel screw DIN933/GB5783/ISO4017/ANSIB18.2.1/JISB1180
    Six hexagon head half tooth stainless steel screw DIN931/GB5782/ISO4014/ANSIB18.2.1/JISB1180
    Six hexagon head SUS316 stainless steel screws, stainless steel screw rod half tooth GB5784
    The above two kind of half screw, although the same as half tooth, but the thick and thin bar, the bar half tooth, refers to stainless steel screws before rolling, rod diameter than the thread diameter should be large, we use M8 screw as an example, the tooth rubbing front light bar diameter 7.85mm~8.0mm, thread diameter of 7.0mm~ 7.05mm, molded teeth posterior diameter is 7.85mm~9.95mm, and the rod diameter almost naked eye diameter, both in a plane; and the so-called thin rod half tooth, refers to is the thread rod is before the thread diameter 7.0~7.05, thread rolling after the outer diameter expansion to 7.85~9.95, and the rod part of the same the naked eye, tooth diameter to than rod coarse. Of course, we can also draw: stainless steel bar half screw DIN931 than DIN933 stainless steel rod half tooth stainless steel screws in the cost is expensive.