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    Wire Lo sets of installation steps and ways of using tools

    1, tap: because of steel wire Lo sets is non-standard products, thus tapping also use special. In order for wire thread insert tap should be provided to the following description: precision grade nominal diameter, pitch, the processed material, why through holes or blind holes and requirements!
    1-1, the aluminium piece below M10 machine tap, can also use a single tap.
    1-2, for large size steel and cast iron body, in order to guarantee the precision and the tool life, should choose three groups of tap.
    2, military and civilian products for precision requirements very strict, our factory also provides bottom gauge: to check the installation of wire thread insert thread accuracy. To ensure the wire thread sleeve is screwed in the screw thread precision to meet the requirements of.
    3, the general screw thread chamfer: to the chamfering in the broken ends, to remove the semi spiral buckle, so the screwing of screws. As for the screw wire thread insert installation may not chamfering. You can only remove the burr. But to the chamfering, should be made of 120 ° chamfer to external diameter of thread can be. Do not do 90 DEG cone hole chamfering money or too large, otherwise it will bring trouble to the rotary screw sleeve wire into the.
    4, the combined screw in tool:
    Firstly, the screw mandrel back on.
    The wire thread sleeve from the notch sleeve into the sleeve, make the handle end end to the tapered thread guide head forward.
    The screw mandrel is pushed forward, through the wire thread sleeve, and the spiral slot into the core rod end mounting handle steel wire thread sleeve clamp.
    The rotation handle, screwed into the threaded mandrel and the sleeve under the action of the threads, screw mandrel forward rotation and drives the wire thread insert the screwed taper screw guide head, continue to rotate until the wire Lo sets of directing head end about a thread about.
    The screw in tool head alignment to the mounting holes of steel wire Lo sets, one hand holding the sleeve along the screw direction
    With little pressure and maintain the vertical, the other hand on the handle, the wire Lo sets from the leading head into the screw hole of steel wire Lo sets, until completely with the guide head out.
    ⑥ the sleeve to rotate, the distance and machine, in order to observe the wire thread insert is screwed into position.
    ⑦ continue rotating the handle, the wire Lo sets end concave parts end 0.5~1 pitch.
    It will screw in tool out and observe (or measurement tools check) of steel wire Lo sets in a screw hole is jump buckling phenomenon, if installed correctly, Lo sets of steel is screwed into the screw hole when the installation is complete.
    4-1, split screwing tool
    Split type selected by the seat and a rotating tool is guided into the mandrel.
    The wire threaded sleeve mounting handle down and hands it into the guide seat of the taper hole, and then plug insertion of steel wire Lo sets and let the end notch stuck mounting handle. Or will of steel wire Lo sets in the first set of screw mandrel, to handle card into the slot and a guide rod, a will of steel wire Lo sets, screwed into the guide seat.
    ② continue rotating mandrel, the wire Lo sets all entered the guide seat, at the other end of the guide block with about a button.
    The guide seat on the screw holes, and the wire Lo sets the alignment hole.
    The hand pressed against the guide seat, another hand to rotate the mandrel, the wire Lo sets off completely screwed in the screw hole.
    The guide seat removed, plug, the wire Lo sets of screw to the specified location.
    And taking out mandrel, check the installation of steel wire Lo sets of intact.
    Note: rotating mandrel hand must not push hard wire Lo sets, only rotating mandrel can.
    4-2, simple type screwing tool
    The wire thread sleeve is sheathed on the mandrel, to handle forward and clip in plug slot.
    The wire thread insert with screw mandrel alignment, hand pinch of steel wire Lo sets, on the other hand rotating mandrel, the wire thread sleeve is screwed in the screw until it reaches the specified location, then drew a mandrel, inspection of steel wire Lo sets are properly installed.
    5, to handle tool
    The set of spiral steel wire breaking groove, screwed in the screw shall be installed handle removal.
    The process is as follows: the wire Lo sets of M20 below should use special tools to handle: handle tools punch to punch end alignment of steel wire Lo sets of holes, a punch head hammer, handle will break trough from broken, handle and then broken down out of the screw hole.
    For wire Lo sets of M20 above, can use nose pliers in the near of steel wire Lo sets broken groove side, a little hard, can be installed to handle broken. It can avoid breaking groove residue in the body.
    6, the use of tools
    Wire thread sleeve is screwed in the screw, due to improper installation or other quality problems that need to be taken out of the screw hole, should use the exit tool.
    Such as: wire thread sleeve is screwed in the screw jump buckling phenomenon;
    Wire thread sleeve is screwed in the screw too deep.
    Exit the tool has a wedge-shaped cutter type and zero rake angle, it is very easy to get stuck of steel wire Lo sets and its drive.
    Exit of steel wire Lo sets, the first tool is inserted into the wire thread insert hole, with the beat, counterclockwise rotation tools, steel screw rotates, until the wire Lo sets out.